The POETRY Anthology: Ninety Years of America's Most Distinguised Verse Magazine

Edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young, this beautiful collection from Poetry magazine offers the greatest poems of the last century and its greatest poets.

"Superb and invaluable...comprehensive and thrilling...a veritable history of twentieth-century poetry in English."


"Quite marvelous."

~New York Times

100 Essential Modern Poems by Women

Presents memorable masterpieces by great women writers, tracing the evolution of the art in English over the past 150 years. This accessible guide is full of wisdom and insights that will delight, engage, and inspire readers—whatever their gender, age or interests. Features such acclaimed artists as Emily Dickinson, Lucille Clifton, Maxine Kumin, Audre Lorde, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marianne Moore, Lisel Mueller, Mary Oliver, Linda Pastan, Marge Piercy, Sylvia Plath, Kay Ryan, May Swenson, and many more.

     "The...poets are splendidly well chosen, as are the poems, creating an unusually useful and pleasurable         volume that can serve as both primer and catalyst to further reading."


"Spreading the word about female poets is the impetus behind this anthology  of 150 years of exceptional women's poetry, along with lively profiles of the writers." 

~Washington Post

"Mighty and complex chain of voices...a smart, handy anthology, essential, indeed, to anyone's library." 

~Billy Collins

"What makes the poets in this book so remarkable is not their gender but their genius."

~Adam Kirsch

"Fine selection, with illuminating notes and background material. This volume is a pleasure to read and to own." 

~Brooke Allen

"Parisi has encapsulated a literary age in a manner worthy of Dr. Johnson." 

~Paula Deitz, editor, The Hudson Review

"Unusually useful and pleasurable volume...covers a gratifying stretch of literary and social terrain."

~Donna Seaman, Booklist

"Most of the poetry collected in this volume is among the author’s best...the poetry is entirely enjoyable and causes the reader to want to find more and more to read. The women represented here are truly masters of their craft."

~Feminist Review

"This is a wonderful collection of some of our finest women writers. Readers will be tantalized by the selections for each poet and will hopefully be inspired to seek out more of their work."

~Linda Bubon, Women & Children First Bookstore


The POETRY Anthology, 1912-2002

Decade by decade, this bountiful ninetieth-anniversary anthology from Poetry includes the poems of the major talents along with several lesser known in all their variety: William Butler Yeats, Edgar Lee Masters, Sara Teasdale, D. H. Lawrence, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Vachel Lindsay, Robert Graves, May Sarton, Langston Hughes, W. H. Auden, Stephen Spender, Hart Crane, Robert Penn Warren, Dylan Thomas, e. e. cummings, Gwendolyn Brooks, James Merrill, John Ashbery, Frank O' Hara, Randall Jarrell, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, Robinson Jeffers, Theodore Roethke, Karl Shapiro, Anne Sexton, Thom Gunn, John Berryman, Sylvia Plath, Maxine Kumin, Ted Hughes, Adrienne Rich, and Galway Kinnell.

Between the Lines: A History of POETRY in Letters, 1962-2002

Compiled and Edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young, this book is the fascinating story behind the more than $100 million bequest to Poetry magazine from amateur poet and pharmaceutical heiress Ruth Lilly. It reveals the inside stories of aspiring authors, the inspirations behind classic poems, and the practicalities of publishing. Poets featured in the book include a “who's who” from T.S. Eliot, Erica Jong, and Rita Dove to Billy Collins, Robert Pinsky, and Mary Oliver.

"These letters to the editors of Poetry magazine show the history of Poetry to be as exciting and tumultuous as the times in which the letters were written. Virtually every prominent American poet--and some from England and Ireland--from the last half of the 20th century wrote to Poetry to submit their poems, put in a good word for friends, or excoriate their enemies. Highly recommended for all libraries."

~Amy K. Weiss, Library Journal

"The constant in Between the Lines is not an important person but a great institution, Poetry itself, as represented by a series of ardent and long-suffering editors. Poetry has been buttered up and dressed down by the best wits and biggest blowhards in American letters, and it has always given as good as it got. Reading this second volume of correspondence, covering the last forty of its ninety years, is so much fun, it feels wrong."

~Kay Ryan

Dear Editor: A History of POETRY in Letters

Poignant, hilarious, and brutally frank, Dear Editor reveals the personalities and untold stories behind the creation of modern poetry. Edited by Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young, here are the inside stories, the rivalries between aspiring authors, the inspirations behind classics, the practicalities (and politicking) of publishing. In fascinating anecdotes and literary gossip, scores of poets offer insights into the creative process and their reactions to historic events.

"Here is evidence that a book about, of all things, poets' wranglings with their editors can be smart,           valuable, and engaging. Highly recommended for all libraries."

~Scott Hightower, Library Journal


100 Essential Modern Poems

The greatest poems written in English over the past century, memorable masterpieces to read, reread, and enjoy. Inspired and inspirational, worldly wise, deeply felt, and often delightfully funny, poets include W.H. Auden, T.S. Eliot, John Ashbery, A.R. Ammons, Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Moore, Sylvia Plath, and Mary Oliver.

"This volume should wind up being used in the very classrooms where appreciation of poetry and creative writing are taught."

~James Brown, Washington Times

"As a rich, concise education in modern poetry this book can scarcely be surpassed."

~Peter Walpole, Virginia Quarterly Review

"The fun's in the surprises."

~Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Joseph Parisi is the long-time former editor of Poetry magazine, and he has fashioned a wonderful collection, which contains both well-known and not-so-well-known poems, everything from works of Keats and Frost to such contemporary greats as Mary Oliver and Billy Collins. The short bios of the poets and introductions ensure that this diverse book will appeal to any poetry lover." 

 ~Carrie Sutherland, J.W. Beecroft Books & Coffee, Superior, WI

“In this rich book, Joseph Parisi shows once and for all that modern poetry is not an obscure byway or specialized discipline but the latest chapter in poetry's quest to delight and instruct. Every reader will find poems here to learn and to love.”

~Adam Kirsch

“The plain and happy fact is that he has produced a book that will give much pleasure to anyone who knows and cares—or wants to know and care—about modern poetry.”

~Joseph Epstein

"In an introduction that will lift the spirit of every poetry lover who believes in a populist approach, Parisi explains why he created this "desert island" gathering of "indispensables" and how he was guided by "the three Ms," selecting poems that are modern, meaningful, and memorable. Preceded by wonderfully conversational and expertly appreciative biocritical essays about each poet, his choices are superb as he lingers over Yeats and Stevens and includes often-overlooked witty and satirical poets, among them Dorothy Parker, Ogden Nash, Kay Ryan, Frank O'Hara, and Billy Collins. A recommended collection." 

~Donna Seaman, Booklist

"This volume should wind up being used in the very classrooms where appreciation of poetry and creative writing are taught."

~James Brown, Washington Times

"A 'go with me' guide to make it easier to approach the vast poetry shelves in your favorite bookstore." 

~Christopher Flannery, Books in Brief

"Useful to those new in the genre, as well as to readers looking for a single portable volume.”

~Sheila Janega, School Library Journal

"Parisi has here made an important contribution to the genre of the anthology. 100 Essential Modern Poems is fairly generous in providing the information necessary to enter the world of those poems...Parisi's efforts are worthy of wide distribution."

~James Matthew Wilson, Contemporary Poetry Review

"These are great poems."

~Katie Peterson, Chicago Tribune

"Every time I lay eyes on it I can't help picking it up—even if it is for the hundredth time."